Usually 6-9 months from drawings and permits to home delivery. Unless you already have your land, plans, and have completed the necessary steps to “just start building” the process will realistically take 6 months. There’s a lot that goes into the beginning stages of a build project. 

Yes, and we believe one of the best. 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® (2-10 HBW) is the industry’s leading home warranty company.  

We can help you choose from a portfolio of homes which can be modified to fit your needs and/or we will work closely with your architect and/or bring your own plans and our staff will assist you with the details. We work with a variety of local designers who can offer service pricing to fit your budget.  

  • Frederick County Building Industry Association, FCBIA® 
  • Home Builders Association of Washington County, HBA®
  • Maryland Building Industry Association, MBIA®
  • National Association of Home Builders, NAHB®
  • MHIC #132931
  • MHBR #7559

Yes. Using locally owned, approved trade partners who are quick to respond and provide superior customer service is something that we take great pride in. They are part of our extended company, and we treat them as such and in-turn they treat us the same. A good working relationship is very important in the home building process. Making sure everyone is on the same page is essential.   

Unlike other builders, our unique company set-up allows us to offer real estate services through licensed Realtors® when looking for land and or selling your current property. We offer these services in-house working with one thing in mind: your goals and objectives. You won’t get lost in the process wondering who’s doing what and when. Our process saves time, money, and will improve your overall building experience.  

Atlantic Homes builds new homes in Maryland and Pennsylvania. We try not to stretch our boundaries so to not jeopardize the building process. Our “Best” pricing consists of subcontractors that we work with on a consistent basis. Staying local and working with subcontractors that are locally owned provides us with professional craftsmanship backed up by warranties and guarantees protecting your custom home project.  

We work closely with local lenders to find you the perfect loan that fits your financial needs. Our local lenders offer incentives and loans with some of the best terms and conditions. From Construction loans to loans with just one up-front settlement, we can help you get it done.  

Great! With no cost to you we will do a site analysis to determine the “site cost” that will be factored into your budget. Items such as landscaping (sod, irrigation, shrubs),  driveway, utility connections, tree clearing, grading, fill dirt, surveys, land preparation, storm water management, etc. Remember, your not building in a neighborhood or community where all of these items are already factored into the equation.  

You bet! Again, that’s what we do by keeping the entire transaction under one umbrella. We promise you won’t get lost in the process. Our licensed professionals have been doing this for decades! And, we usually have knowledge of off market lots too!  

Our unique company set-up allows real estate brokerage services in the Maryland & Pennsylvania region. We can help determine your current homes value and create a marketing strategy and time table for you to sell. Keeping the entire transaction in-house means less head-aches for you. 

Simply put, yes. We charge a fee because as a custom builder every new home project is different and pricing is complex and time consuming. The old “price per square foot” method is out the window with custom home construction. For ball park numbers, we do not.  


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