Winter Prep Now for No Regrets Later

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in leaf peeping and other outdoorsy fun that you cut back on pre-winter home maintenance. But doing basic tasks now could lead to an easier winter and a greener spring — no matter where you live. Plus, you might save on costly repairs. Here’s a roundup of things you’ll be glad you did.

Head Off Winter Woes

A Fall Checklist of Things You Gotta Do Before Winter Sets In

Getting ready for winter doesn’t have to be a big deal. The trick? Know what things are most likely to cause problems and keep them from happening to your home and yard. With a fall checklist, you won’t forget to detach your garden hoses from outdoor faucets.

Jumpstart a Lush Lawn

4 Simple Tasks to Do in Fall for an Awesome Lawn in Spring

Not ready to replace your lawn with native plants or groundcover? No worries. But don’t settle for sad patches of grass in the spring. If you do some work in the fall, you’ll protect your lawn from winter damage and enjoy better results later.

Avoid Weather Fallout

7 Quick and Easy Weather Preparations to Do Right Now

Every homeowner wants to prevent winter weather from causing dangerous or pricey problems. That’s why it’s super important to do things like seal up leaks and clean gutters before trouble hits home. A few pluses: These preps are often inexpensive, can be done by a pro, and/or don’t take much time. 

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