Myersville Maryland - A great location

The Town of Myersville, Maryland was incorporated by an Act of the Maryland Legislature in March, 1904. At the time of incorporation, Myersville had a population of 150 and was a busy, self-sufficient community with stores, warehouses, craftsmen, physicians and two banks. The incorporation of the Town came just a few years after the incorporation of the Myersville and Catoctin Railway Company in 1898. This brought the railway to Myersville, and the history of Myersville in the first half of the twentieth century is intertwined with that of the Trolley and its extension to Myersville.

The Town of Myersville is a small, picturesque community located in the Middletown Valley, surrounded by a scenic rural landscape, which is preserved through an abundance of recreations parks, golf courses and the Appalachian Trail.

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