Jefferson Maryland - Small Town Living

According to archaeologist Mary F. Barse, Jefferson was initially laid out in 1774 on a 96-acre tract owned by Mrs. Eleanor Medley, which was ultimately called "New Town". It contained 40 rectangular lots – 20 aligned on each side of what is now MD 180 – stretching between what are now Lander Road and Old Middletown Road. In 1795, 22 additional lots were platted by Elias Delashmutt on the western end of the original section and called "New Freedom". In 1831 both sections were incorporated as "Jefferson" by the Maryland Legislature.

Jefferson's growth in the 19th century was due largely to its location on the main road between Frederick and Harpers Ferry, which is today's U.S. Route 340. Along this thoroughfare, wagon traffic and livestock drives were frequent. Concomitantly, commercial development intensified to serve the surrounding farms as well as travelers. As a center of agricultural mercantilism, throughout most of the late 18th and 19th century. 

The Hagerstown and Frederick Railway linked Jefferson to Frederick and Hagerstown in 1907. However, Maryland Route 180 remained the only link to the closest steam powered rail station in Brunswick.

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