Frederick County Land For Sale



Need Land?

We can help! We have licensed Realtors® available to answer questions and provide information on all available lots and land from every brokerage - and we have several lots off-market.

Plat & Survey

We can help you obtain plats and surveys on any property and determine what the costs may be for site evaluation.  

Well & Water

We can help you obtain well yield and depth information and tap fees if on public hook-up. Even in today's market, land can still be sold without a well.  

Septic & Sewer

We can help with perk and septic information determining if the septic is conventional or sand mound. Also, public tap fees for public sewer.  We can help determine if the perk test is still valid or not as an updated perk test may be required. 

Covenants & Restrictions

We can help with covenants and restrictions that would prevent or protect you from building and doing what you want with the land. If your lot requires an architectural review, it could determine exterior items that can blow a budget.    

Site Evaluation

We can help determine if the land you own or are considering to purchase will actually meet your needs and fit your new home project budget. Site costs are determined by a thorough examination of excavation and potential utility connections. 

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